Yuzen Tatsuga
Name Yuzen Tatsuga
Kanji 辰河 勇全
Romaji Tatsuga Yuzen
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Tatsuga Family

Nekuni Family

Occupation Head of the Tatsuga Family
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 3: The Cat's Repayment
Yuzen Tatsuga (辰河 勇全) is the head of the Tatsuga Family.

Appearance Edit

Yuzen without his dragon skull

Yuzen without his dragon skull

Yuzen's appearance makes him look like a teenager despite his age due to hereditary traits of the Tatsuga Clan. He messy dark hair and he typically wears a skull that resembles a dragon's head. His outfit consists of a long scarf, a sweat jacket, and shorts.

Personality Edit

He is very carefree and casual with most people.

Etymology Edit

Yuzen (勇全): Yu (勇) means "courage" or "bravery," which refers to his personality. Zen (全) means "whole" or "complete"

Tatsuga (辰河): Tatsu (辰) means the "fifth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the sign of the dragon." Ga (河) means "river."

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Abilities Edit

He can manipulate the spiritual energy and can dispel the spiritual energy of a target and dissipate it, and it is possible to bring the spiritual energy out of the target's body. He can gather divine energy to surround him and harness it for strength.

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