Miyako Nekuni
Name Miyako Nekuni
Kanji 子国宮湖
Romaji Nekuni Miyako
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Pink
Hair Black with Gray highlights
Professional Status
Affiliation Nekuni Family
Occupation Head of the Nekuni Family
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Goichi Nekuni (Grandfather) death
Futayo Yanagara (Great-Aunt)
Unnamed Father death
Unnamed Mother death
Kyouichi Nekuni (Older Brother)
Alias Miya
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 18: The Hateful Cat's Hateful Love

Miyako Nekuni (子国宮湖) is Kyouchi's younger sister, and she is the current head of the Nekuni Family.

Appearance Edit

Miyako has long black hair with gray highlights with straight-cut bangs, and she has pink eyes. She wears a lavender headband adorned with a lavender flower-like frill. She wears a black short jacket with long sleeves with white frills, showing the white shirt underneath, and she wears a long black skirt with white frills on the rims. A red ribbon is tied to the collar of the white shirt. She wears long black socks with white shoes.

Personality Edit

Etymology Edit

Miyako (宮湖): Miya (宮) means shrine, and ko (湖) means lake.

Nekuni (子国): It means the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which is the rat.

Abilities Edit

She has an ability called Execution of Enforcement. It was passed down to her from her grandfather, Goichi Nekuni, after he died.

Trivia Edit