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Masaki Tonogake
Masaki Tonogake
Name Masaki Tonogake
Kanji 卯ノ崖 正樹
Romaji Tonogake Masaki
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Tonogake Family
Occupation Twin Head of the Tonogake Family
Partner Kiyoha Tonogake
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Kiyoha Tonogake (Older Twin Sister)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 26: Even the Cat Would Not Interfere in a Fight Between a Dog and a Monkey (Face Covered)
Chapter 27: He Who Chases Two Rabbits at the Same Time Catches Neither
Masaki Tonogake (卯ノ崖 正樹) is one of the twin heads of the Tonogake Family. His older twin sister is Kiyoha Tonogake.

Personality Edit

He has a cowardly personality and it's hard for him to talk back to other people. He is also very hesistant in his actions and thinks before he acts.

Appearance Edit

He has short, dark hair with a tuft on the middle of his forehead. He has shorter hair but wears his hair in a similar hairstyle as his sister's.

Etymology Edit

Masaki (正樹): Masa (正) means "justice", while ki (樹) means "wood" or "timber trees".

Tonogake (卯ノ崖): To (卯) means the "fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the sign of the rabbit". No (ノ) is a radical and indicates possession. Gake (崖) means cliff. Altogether it means the rabbit of the cliff.

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Abilities Edit

He is proficient in his sword skills and duel wields two katanas.

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