Kiyoha Tonogake
Kiyoha konogate
Name Kiyoha Tonogake
Kanji 卯ノ崖 清葉
Romaji Tonogake Kiyoha
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Tonogake Family
Occupation Twin Head of the Tonogake Family
Partner Masaki Tonogake
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Masaki Tonogake (Younger Twin Brother)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 25:The Biggest Slasher is Always the One That Gets Away

Kiyoha Tonogake (卯ノ崖 清葉) is one of the twin heads of the Tonogake Family. Her twin brother is Masaki Tonogake.

After her fight with Miyako Nekuni, she was put under the Execution of Enforcement and aids Miyako due to her orders.

Personality Edit

Due to the Nekuni Family kicking her family out of town, she holds a grudge against the Nekuni. She is very arrogant, confident, and stoic. She can be very controlling and tends to chastise people depending on their actions.

Appearance Edit

She has short hair with a tuft on the middle of her forehead. Her hairstyle is slightly longer but similar to her brother's hairstyle. She usually seen wearing what resembles a school uniform. She wears a long sleeved shirt with cupped sleeves, and a sailor collar with a tied ribbon is part of the outfit. She also wears a knee skirt with long socks.

Etymology Edit

Kiyoha (清葉): Kiyo (清) means "pure" or "cleanse", while ha (葉) means "leaf", "blade", or "fragment".

Tonogake (卯ノ崖): To (卯) means the "fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the sign of the rabbit". No (ノ) is a radical and indicates possession. Gake (崖) means "cliff". Altogether it means the rabbit of the cliff.

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