Keitarou Toridera
Name Keitarou Toridera
Kanji 酉寺啓太郎
Romaji Toridera Keitarou
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 6: The Dog Steels Its Resolve and Bares Its Fangs, and the Cat Withdraws Its Claws
Keitarou Toridera (酉寺啓太郎) is the current head of the Toridera Family.

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He has dark hair that is slightly longer than shoulder length, and his bangs has a small split on the right side. It covers some of his eye, and he wears smooth edged-rectangular glasses. He's seen wearing a coat and a shirt with a tie attached to the collar.

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Etymology Edit

Keitarou (啓太郎): Kei (啓) means "disclose", ta (太) means "thick", and rou (郎) means "son."

Toridera (酉寺): Tori (酉) means the "tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the sign of the rooster." Dera (寺) means "buddhist temple."

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Kenji Inoyama Edit

He is frequently annoyed at Kenji.

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