Execution of Enforcement
Miyako Execution of Enforcement
User(s) Miyako Nekuni (Current User)
Gouichi Nekuni (Former)
Kyouichi Nekuni (Former)
Toya Itachizuka (Temporary)
Manga Chapter 2: A Cornered Rat Will Even Bite a Rat

Execution of Enforcement is an ability that the current head of the Nekuni Family inherits and other people may have the same power due to other circumstances. Miyako Nekuni is the current owner of the ability in the family.

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When the user uses this technique, the words he or she says become imbued with power and force the targeted person to carry out the given order no matter what the order may be. The requirement to use the Execution of Enforcement is to show no empathy towards the target or even look at their point of view, in other words cruel and ruthless. By adding this the nekuni clan's enforcement ability, this can draw out power even greater than what they normally do on their own, that is one of the reasons why the ishuara were chosen instead of the ushigura as their bodyguards, in short increase in inner potential.

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