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The Cat's Repayment
Chapter 3 Cover
Volume 1
Pages 87
Previous Chapter Chapter 2: A Cornered Rat Will Even Bite a Rat
Next Chapter Chapter 4: The Cat That Met the Rat

The Cat's Repayment is the 3rd chapter of Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

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Continuing the conversation from the previous chapter, Toya asks if she remembers something before she came to the city. This bewildered Natsuho, and Toya flicks her on the forehead with some kind of power. Natsuho starts to lose consciousness and eventually faints. Toya walks away from Natsuho and claims that he doesn't want to be hated by her.

Meanwhile, Gouichi still has Kyouichi under Execution of Enforcement and banters Kyouichi that he will make him exterminate the Hateful Cat. Ayaka sees what's going on and tries to come help Kyouichi, but she is stopped by Sen. A mysterious "kid", who is later to be revealed as Yuzen Tatsuga, intervenes and asks them to let him through the door, which leads to Kyouichi and Gouichi. Impatient, he kicks Sen through the door surprising Kyouichi and Ayaka. Yuzen begins to talk and asks Gouichi where the bathroom is. Yuzen spots Kyouichi pinned down to the floor and comes over to help him up, which undid the Execution of Enforcement. Sen gets back up to try and attack Yuzen, but Gouichi explains that he's a friend and that he's not an enemy. Gouichi tells Kyouichi to leave, and Kyouichi replies negatively saying that he will knock Gouichi off his "high horse", and proceeds to leave. After he left with Ayaka, Gouichi and Yuzen drink sake together. They discuss the matter of the Hateful Cat escaping to the Tatsuga Family's mountains. Yuzen informs Gouichi that he is suspicious of the recent activity going on and suspects that someone is manipulating the situation, and he warns him to watch out for anything. While talking about Kyouichi, Yuzen points out that Gouichi has changed. Yuzen leaves and Gouichi remarks that Yuzen is strange for not changing at all.

Kyouichi and Ayaka are seen walking the streets with Kyouichi complaining about his grandfather. Kyouichi thanks Ayaka for trying to come and help him and teases her that she hasn't changed at all. A flashback of a young Ayaka and Kyouichi is seen and Ayaka introduces herself to Kyouichi. Kyouichi states that he has not complains and finds her to not be a decent bodyguard, provoking Ayaka to punch Kyouichi down into the ground on the head. The flashback ends and Ayaka nervously tells him that she got carried away when she hit him.

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  • Yuzen Tatsuga officially debuts in this chapter.

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