The Hateful Cat
Chapter 1 Cover
Volume 1
Pages 86
Release Date June 21, 2014
Previous Chapter Chapter 0: Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi [Oneshot]
Next Chapter Chapter 2: A Cornered Rat Will Even Bite a Rat
The Hateful Cat is the name of the 1st chapter of Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

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Kyouichi is first seen walking through an alley, and during his walk, a brick lands on his head as a result from one of the tricks of Taromaru Kawarashi and Hana Zawarashi. They end up running away, and Kyouichi accidentally triggers another trap. Ayaka sees the trap and punches the wood into pieces. Ayaka chastises Kyouichi for not being careful and punches Hana and Taromaru on the head, leaving them with bumps. Hana and Taromaru insult Ayaka by saying that she is like a mother and that she and Kyouichi are like a married couple. Ayaka tells the information that she received from the dog clan to Kyouichi about the Hateful Cat being spotted around town. She reveals that she is going to patrol the outskirts of town to exterminate ogres, and she wants him to call her if he's in danger while she's gone. After Ayaka leaves, the Hateful Cat comes out and reminds him of the promise they made. He walks towards her and the Hateful Cat is seen in a box, revealing a young girl who is actually the Hateful Cat. The Hateful Cat's real name is Natsuho Nekogasaki, and since the Hateful Cat is a long name to call her, Kyouichi decided to call her Natsuho. Kyouichi becomes tick of her actions and lectures her. Kyouichi puts the box on her head because she is anxious around people, and she transforms back into a cat. Natsuho has a flashback about the time where she pins him to a wall in her Yokai form.

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